For years, the accepted method of pond management was to wait for a problem, like an algae bloom or excessive aquatic weed growth and then “react to it” with a chemical application. Although this is effective at providing a quick fix, it does not address the actual problem. In many cases, this reactive approach is catching up with pond owners. Those that have been practicing this form of management are finding it more and more difficult to control unwanted weeds and algae. Chemicals are a great tool but not the complete toolbox.

Why is the old way outdated?

Over the years, each time you applied chemicals; weeds and algae were killed off and left to rot on the pond’s bottom. This is equivalent to adding fertiliser to your pond. When weeds and algae die, they immediately start to biodegrade. During this process, the dead organic matter is converted into rich organic sediment. Although this would be great for a garden, it has a very negative effect on a pond or lake. The nutrients found in this sludge greatly contribute to future weed and algae problems.

The Parklink way…

There’s a better way to prevent these nutrient build-ups from occurring in your pond. We call it PROACTIVE Care involving these tools:

Diffused Aeration

By aerating your pond from the bottom up, using  Parklink’s Aeration Systems, you’ll circulate incredible amounts of water, drastically increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in your water column, which in turn will allow for increased levels of beneficial bacteria to accumulate in your pond.


Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria begin to colonise in most natural ponds when water temperatures reach approximately 11 degrees. During the early stages of a pond’s life cycle this may be enough to maintain a healthy ecosystem although as a pond gets older, especially when chemical applications are needed, it is necessary to start thinking proactively to subsidise Mother Nature’s efforts.

The proactive care solution? Add  REGEN-Sediment natural bacteria to radically increase your bacteria count. Parklink’s probiotics will compete for the nutrients in your water column while adding billions of microbes to the bottom of your pond, working quickly to eliminate up to 10 cm of sludge each season, as well as prevent future build-up.

Pond Shading

Excessive sunlight can have a negative effect on water quality. Adding one of the Pond Dyes will beautify your pond and provide a natural shade while improving water quality.

By exercising proactive care (Diffused Aeration, Probiotics, and Pond Shading), you’ll be aggressively addressing the root of the problem – excess nutrients and sunlight. Be proactive and give it a try… you have nothing to lose – other than nutrients and sludge!