Sediment Removal Solutions

Proven Aquatic Sludge Removal Solutions for Lakes and Ponds

Water Quality & Pond Dyes

Natural Biological Methods to Boost Pond Clarity and Fish Health.

Erosion Solutions

Dredge SOX
Shore SOX
Fence SOX


The Latest and Greatest on Pond and Lake Aeration


Kasco J Series fountains are the perfect focal point in any pond or lake

Lake Surveying

Lake and Pond Analysis & Sludge Surveying

Cyanobacteria Control

Solutions for Controlling Cyanobacteria (Commonly Known as Blue-green Algae)

Filamentous Algae Control

The Best Solutions for Controling Filamentous Algae

Planktonic Algae Control

The Best Solutions for Controling Planktonic Algae

Aquatic Weed Management

New Herbicide Coming Soon!!

The Parklink Approach

Water Assessment
and Evaluation

Design Management


Ongoing Treatment
and Monitoring