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Water For Life.

To us, ‘Water for Life’ is full of meaning. It speaks to all forms of life within water – much of which our products and equipment help to grow and thrive. It reminds us of the fact that every living thing needs water to survive and how it is a limited and precious resource. It has to do with the role water plays in our everyday lives; be it for recreation, supplying food or just something beautiful to look at. Perhaps the most important aspect of this is that Water for Life encompasses our mission to improve life and livelihoods, both yours and ours but also loads of less-fortunate others that benefit from the charities we donate to every year. Whether or not this resonates with you, you can rest assured that every sale goes towards improving someone’s life somewhere, in a meaningful way.

PS. Are you already one of our raving fans and wanting a Parklink cap to prove that to everyone else? If so, drop us a line and we’ll send you one – no charge!


Wellington Zoo

Within the first 12 months, the filamentous algae had reduced in depth and was about one metre below the water line, dark green in colour indicating that its supply of nitrogen was being successfully controlled by the treatment.

The water quality has remained stable and very clear and clean, with fish life visible. There is no odour and no requirement to empty the pond for cleaning while the treatment continues to keep the nutrient status of the pond in balance.


Water for Life

The council required the treatment lagoon to be cleared of accumulated solids to maximise treatment performance and help stabilise the ponds dissolved oxygen levels. With new consent limits on the horizon council wanted to ensure that the system was running at its full treatment potential.