Efficient Mixing & Aeration in One Portable Unit

Ares Lagoon Aeration

Ares Lagoon Aeration

The Ares Lagoon Aerator cut its teeth in Municipal Wastewater Treatment over a decade ago.  With both mixing and aeration incorporated into one portable aerator, the Ares can be successfully utilised in:

• Wastewater aeration lagoons
• Wastewater aeration tanks
• Flow equalization basins
• Reclaimed water storage reservoirs
• And much more.

Let us put our 30+ years of wastewater engineering experience to work for you!

Energy Efficiency and Cost

Extensive independent testing has proven that the Ares Aerator has a best-in-industry Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE). The MARS is 50-60% more energy-efficient than high-speed surface aerators and 40-50% more efficient than coarse bubble diffusers.

Energy efficiency is further enhanced by the patented Double-Bubble Technology which allows custom optimisation of each system’s fine bubble (oxygenation) and coarse bubble mixing demands.

The Ares Aeration System includes a broad range of product models and options. Our engineering team designs systems that are customised to meet your facilities unique requirements while also targeting the fastest possible project payback period with significant energy savings. This payback period often falls within 12-36 months.


1. Aeration, Mixing and Portability.The Ares Lagoon Aeration System provides wastewater lagoon aeration and mixing in one portable aerator. Utilising both fine bubble aeration and coarse bubble technology, the Ares is able to achieve efficient aeration and thorough mixing of the water column.

2. Easy System Installation.Ares Aerators are simple to install to any wastewater lagoon facility. Each self-weighted unit is connected to an on-shore air supply via flexible weighted tubing and lowered into the water.

3. Simple System Maintenance. – Maintenance of the Ares Aeration System is equally as simple and can be completed from the surface without incurring system downtime. This hassle-free modular design allows for the MARS to treat any size wastewater facility.

Double Bubble Technology

1. Coarse Bubble Mixing: Large bubbles are released at the bottom of the static tube creating a draft effect that pulls water and liquefied organic matter up from the basin floor. This produces wastewater mixing by highly agitating the water column, thoroughly churning and circulating the entire basin.

2. Fine Bubble Aeration: Fine bubble diffusers surround the static tube, maximising oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) while minimising energy consumption. Enhanced by the mixing effect of the coarse bubble, this combination provides the ideal environment for biological treatment.

3. Optimised Energy Distribution: The Ares’ modular design allows for treatment to be evenly distributed throughout the entire wastewater lagoon, mixing and aerating from the basin floor to the surface.

Lower Maintenance Costs

1. Ease of Maintenance: Each Ares is a portable aerator that is self-weighted and equipped with a stainless steel tether and locator float. When necessary, individual units can be easily lifted to the surface for servicing without the expense of dewatering or the inconvenience of system downtime.

2. Centralised Air Supply: Air can be supplied to the entire Ares Wastewater Lagoon Aeration System by a single, centralised on-shore blower. If needed, additional blowers can be provided to meet sizing, layout or redundancy requirements. For further energy savings and control, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) meters can be incorporated.

3. Anti-Fouling Design: The MARS Aerator resists fouling, clogging and general ‘wear-and-tear’ in several ways:
A. Utilising self-checked fine & coarse bubble diffusers
B. Using self-cleaning EPDM fine bubble membranes
C. Elevating the diffusers above accumulated solids
D. Eliminating all submerged moving parts.


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