Winery Wastewater Treatment

Winery wastewater struggles to keep a sustainable operation because of the variable production stages. The organic loading can shift from almost nothing to up to 10 times as much as municipal wastewater within days. This causes upsets in the bacterial environment, which can immediately lead to consent violations in TSS, ammonia, and BOD.

Among these pressing concerns, wineries are being forced to upgrade their wastewater process to meet the changing demands on environmental compliance. Septic systems and traditional wastewater lagoons are failing to lower BOD, TSS, and tannin levels. Introducing SELECT-Winery® can save older or failing winery wastewater treatment systems.

Specially designed for winery and high sugar waste, SELECT-Winery® has select biostimulants that give the bacteria the tools they need to break down high BOD loads. The micronutrients introduced give the biomass a fighting chance during light loads.

No matter what type of wastewater process, SELECT-Winery® will benefit it. SELECT-Winery will keep the bacterial environment in balance by introducing the right amount of biostimulants to lower BOD during heavy production and keep the bacteria alive during light loads. This can lower operational costs and allow the reuse of treated water.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Significantly lowers BOD and Tannin Levels
  • Keep bacteria thriving during light loads
  • Lowers labour and maintenance
  • Reuse and save on water
  • Avoid non-compliance

Dose Rates

Initial Dose or High Loading:

Add 4 x 220g bags per 350m3/day of flow for 10 days

Maintenance Dose

Add 1 x 220g bags per 350m3/day of flow per day