Advanced Microbial Digestion (AMD)

Advanced Microbial Digestion (AMD)

AMD is not a product but rather a holistic system of manufactured inputs, assessments, purpose- built equipment and professional monitoring.

AMD is a treatment system used to assist the existing bacterial functionality of wastewater ponds increasing degradation of organic solids. It is based around the application of bacteria, biostimulants and bacterially produced catalysts that promote reactions on organic particulate within the treatment pond.

The AMD process has been successfully used to significantly reduce existing organic sediment accumulations in wastewater ponds for over fifteen years in New Zealand.  It has also been used to prevent organic particulate accumulations in wastewater ponds on an ongoing and sustainable basis.

Bioaugmentation treatment is becoming recognised as the most powerful and cost-effective method for removing solids in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.

Advanced Microbial Digestion (AMD) treatment programs use additives to help regenerate existing biomass in your treatment plant or lagoon.  Based on wide-ranging metabolic pathways and processes including aerobic, facultative, anaerobic and anoxic capabilities, these additives are designed to respond to the unique requirements of the system being treated.  AMD provides the biological tools needed to support environments at all stages with different types of support depending on specific needs.

Parklink utilise technologies that have been used successfully for more than 40 years around the world. Parklink’s bio-augmentation helps to improve wastewater and stormwater treatment plant performance without the need for capital expenditure.

Parklink will visit you on site to gain an understanding of your treatment plant and recommend a course of action that may include preliminary testing and surveys.  We will then design an action plan and treatment program specifically for your situation.

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Dredging and Dewatering

Dredging and Dewatering

Parklink offers dredging and dewatering of sludge, fine grain silts and hydrocarbon contaminated materials.

We are set up for rapid deployment NZ wide. A safe and environmentally responsible workplace is a key priority.

We dredge/pump and dewater a wide variety of oxidation ponds, stormwater retention ponds and farm effluent ponds.


Geotube® Dewatering Containers are central to our dewatering operation. They are a unique, simple and cost-effective method of dewatering sludge, silts and slurries. The bag capacity and shape is determined by the footprint available, volume to be treated and the nature of the solids. The result is a clean filtrate and greatly reduced solids volumes for disposal saving on disposal costs and site traffic.

Biosolids Reuse.

Parklink also provides options for the beneficial reuse of waste biosolids with our unique ABR technology which removes all pathogens and viruses and also aerobically stabilises the solids eliminating odour prior to dewatering.  Contact us to learn more and avoid sending your dewatered sludge to landfill.