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Every water body has at least one nuisance weed that keeps coming back year after year. And that means spraying chemicals to control it year after year.
Not with this new herbicide coming to NZ. This unique formula requires 40x-100x less active ingredient and achieves significantly longer control.



REGEN-Floc® is a complete water quality and clarity restoration tool. This advanced probiotic and flocculant combine scientific research in bioengineering, phosphorus binding, and coagulation/flocculation resulting in a product that will improve all aspects of water quality. REGEN-Floc® provides a natural way to stop lake eutrophication and restore your lake to a more pristine state.

Science Behind It

Eutrophication is when a lake receives excess nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) from the watershed and from deposited sediments, called internal nutrient loading. These excess nutrients lead to poor water clarity, algae blooms, low oxygen levels and an imbalanced ecosystem. Nutrients need to be maintained in lower amounts with good water clarity to promote a naturally balanced ecosystem where aquatic life thrives.

REGEN-Floc® completely reverses eutrophication by removing excess nutrients and turbidity. This one-of-a-kind proprietary formula of select bacterial cultures, flocculant, and phosphorus binders works in synergy to provide a complete restoration solution that permanently binds phosphorus in water and sediments, reduces nitrogen, and removes unwanted turbidity.

Description and Benefits

– Breaks down organics and binds phosphorus in the water column
– Improves water quality and clarity within hours
– Eliminates internal phosphorus re-cycling from the sediment
– Safe and easy liquid formulation with no irrigation restrictions
– Does not impact water pH or alkalinity
– Maintains desired turbidity, TSS, and Secchi


MAXIMUM Dosage Rate by Volume

Metafloc Dosage – For water column nutrient & clarity

Mildly Eutrophic (30 – 50 µg/L Phosphorus 1.2 - 0.9 m. Secchi)Eutrophic (50 – 100 µg/L Phosphorus 0.9 - 0.6 m. Secchi)Eutrophic (50 – 100 µg/L Phosphorus < 0.6 m. Secchi)
0.6 - 1.8 mL / m31.8 - 2.5 mL / m3> 3.6 mL / m3

For Sediment Nutrient Removal

Mildly Eutrophic (250 mg/kg sediment P)Eutrophic (550 mg/kg sediment P)Eutrophic (750 mg/kg sediment P)
190 L per acre380 L per acre532 L per acre