Sludge Removal & Dewatering

Reduce your Desludging Costs and Environmental Impact!

Filaments & Foaming

Solutions for Curing and also Preventing Foam Causing Filaments.

Odour & Hydrogen Sulphide

Biological intervention to prevent corrosion, odour producing compounds + odour neutralisers for when it's too late!

Nitrogen Removal

Improve Nitrification in your Wastewater Treatment System

Midge Flies & Larvae

Effective control of midge flies and redworms

Fat & Grease

Powerful Solutions for Fat & Grease Control

Aeration & Mixing

Energy-efficient wastewater aeration and mixing with patented Double Bubble Technology.

Enzyme Catalysts

Engineered enzymes for wastewater treatment

Anaerobic Digesters

Speed up the breakdown of complex organics and boost methane production

Sediment Patterning / Sludge Surveying

Wastewater Pond Sludge Surveying and Analysis

Effluent Treatments & Soil & Crop Enhancements

PL-IND is the ideal solution for improving farm effluent


Increase BOD reduction, keep bacteria thriving in low food conditions and bring wineries back into compliance.

The Parklink Approach

and Evaluation

Design Management

Ongoing Treatment
and Monitoring