Odours can have some very negative consequences as the stench coming from your pond can impact the well-being of those around you, and this is also the most commonly noted reason a smelly pond is reported to authorities. Legal action may be taken against odours detected outside of a property or boundary as it can have an impact on another person’s property value and the health of those who come into contact with it.

Is the water odour dangerous?

Yes. The most common suspect and health threat is hydrogen sulphide which gives that rotten egg smell. As it is very heavy compared to air, the gas often settles in low enclosed spaces such as man-holes and sewers. Another issue is that even at low concentrations it is highly flammable and extremely toxic making this gas very dangerous. Not only does the gas cause a headache in both the real sense and the emotional sense, at high levels it can also cause fatigue and nausea. If a person suffers from asthma they may have a stronger reaction from exposure to the hydrogen sulphide gas.

How to treat a smelly pond?

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