When looking at a fountain or aerator in a lake or a pond, you’re more likely to focus on the aesthetics than recognize how the system is working to benefit the pond. In this article we highlight the benefits that you should know about aeration and how important it is to a body of water.

1. Improves the Quality of the Water

An aerator is known to improve the quality of the water as the system helps to circulate the water, stabilize pH balances, reduce alkalinity and remove carbon dioxide.

2. Reduces Pond Algae

When an aerator is installed it does two things to reduce algae. First, it disrupts the algae spores by sending them to the bottom of the lake, and second, it improves phosphorus concentration levels which reduces the chances of algae growth.

3. Decomposes Unwanted Bacteria

An aerator circulates oxygen throughout the entire pond which helps to decompose any unwanted bacteria that is either floating at the top or settled at the bottom of the pond.

4. Decreases the Amount of Mosquitoes in the Area

Mosquitoes thrive off of stagnant water. So by incorporating an aerator into the pond you are able to eliminate the chances of them using the pond as a breeding ground.

5. Improves the Odour around the Pond

When a pond doesn’t have proper circulation the bacteria at the bottom use enzymes to ferment and digest the muck that is found at the bottom of the pond. While doing so they are producing waste products including carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide which is what causes the unpleasant odor that can be found at ponds without an aerator.

6. Increases Fish Habitats

An aerator works to distribute and improve the temperature of the pond which in turn benefits the fish that thrive in warmer water.

7. Eliminates the Thermocline of the Pond

In a pond the temperature of the water is inconsistent as some areas will be warmer (especially when exposed to sunlight for a long duration of time) and other areas will be colder (the areas that don’t get exposure to sunlight and are stagnant. An aerator prevents this from happening by distributing the water which makes the temperature more consistent.

8. Reduces the Risk of Harming Fish

Just like humans, fish rely on oxygen. That is why it is so important to install an aerator system because it ensures that the fish are getting fresh oxygen into the pond and harmful gasses are released.

Now that you’ve read through the 8 benefits of an aeration system, you’re likely to not only be intrigued by the aesthetics but also the functions they’re performing underneath the surface. It’s important to install the correct type of aeration system, so it’s always a good idea to consult a professional to analyze the unique needs of your pond and to offer assistance when it is needed.