Your pond mimics a natural waterbody and so is highly influenced by the surrounding environment. This can mean changes in water quality and colour occur over time which can result in common problems including sludge, aquatic weed and algae. Pond Dye is a potential solution that leaves your water looking fantastic.

Pond Dye not only is a quick way to colour the water it also hosts a range of other benefits for improving and maintaining good water quality. It is 100% safe for humans, wildlife and aquatic animals too!

Algae Prevention:

Algal blooms can be very problematic for all residential, dams and ponds. Algae requires sunlight to grow. Pond dye can reduce the occurrence and ferocity of an algal bloom by filtering out the availability of direct sunlight and therefore can impact on the algae and aquatic weeds ability to grow.

Preserve Fish:

Algae takes up the oxygen in the water and can deprive it from aquatic life that live in the water. Even the smallest of algal blooms can lead to fish kills. The pond dye can also help to keep your fish in the water and not in the belly of predators. Darkening the water reduces the visibility of your fish and created a reflective surface.