Boat docks and marinas often face challenges like algae growth, weed accumulation, and floating debris. These issues not only affect the aesthetics of the water but can also have negative impacts on the ecosystem and usability. Algae and weed in particular can be difficult to manage as the root cause of the issue can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to treat. In situations like these, a simple and reliable means of keeping the surface clear of weed, debris and algae, can instead be a great solution.

One such solution is the use of circulators. These submerged devices, powered by electric motors, utilise high-speed propellers to create water movement, preventing stagnant areas and the accumulation of floating weed, algae and debris.

Understanding Circulators:

Circulators are designed to generate a horizontal flow, actively stirring the water surface and preventing stagnant areas. This motion not only hinders algae and weed growth but also aids in dispersing debris, fostering a cleaner and livelier water environment.

The Kasco AquatiClearTM circulators are a highly reliable and versatile version of circulator that will suit almost any application. AquatiClearTM circulators have a clog-resistant housing, with several mounting packages available to enable you to position the circulator wherever you like. It can be mounted off the end of jettys, under boardwalks, or it can be floated if there is no structure to attach to.

The circulators come in various sizes, with larger versions having a more extensive area of influence. For instance, the 1 hp version can impact water up to 125ft (38) metres away.

The flexibility of the design allows for custom solutions, strategically positioning circulators to keep specific areas free from debris, algae, and weeds, as illustrated in the example design below with orange icons indicating circulator positions.


Aquatic Circulators represent a dynamic solution for the challenges posed by algae, weeds, and floating debris in water bodies. As a representative of AquaticlearTM circulators, get in touch with your Parklink Rep today to find out how we can help you keep your boat dock clear for everyone to enjoy.