Aeration for Irrigation Dams.

There are 2 main types of aeration, surface and diffused. In general, Surface Aeration is best in shallow irrigation dams or when large amounts of oxygen are needed quickly. Surface aerators physically break apart the water, creating more surface area for gas exchange.

This can actively add large amounts of oxygen to the water very quickly and is ideal for shallow water applications as surface aerators can work in minimal water depths. We typically recommend surface aeration in ponds less than 2 metres deep.

Diffused-Aeration is best in deeper water applications. The rising bubbles through the water column entrain vast amounts of dead, bottom water and carry it to the surface where the harmful gases (mostly methane and sulphur compounds) can vent into the atmosphere and oxygen can enter the water. The efficiency of this style of aeration is directly proportional to how much water the bubbles carry and the travel time of the bubble to diffuse oxygen into the water on the way up.  Thus, deeper water allows for better circulation and each diffuser can move more water the deeper they are placed. We typically recommend diffused aeration in dams deeper than 2.4 metres.

Leading Algae Control Solutions for Irrigation Dams

Treating irrigation dams presents a unique challenge as water is constantly being pumped from the water body to irrigate crops.

Regen-Sediment contains tablets that have been designed to sink to the base of your dam and speed up the breakdown of organic sludge.  This reduction and control of sludge reduces the nutrient reservoir that feeds algae and weed growth.  REGEN-Sediment tablets are broadcast over the surface area once each month and have proven to be a very cost-effective method for removing sludge.  Unlike liquid additives, the sinking tablets are not washed out of your water body during irrigation activities which means there is no need for a withholding period and you’ll still see great results no matter how much water you pump out of your dam.

The video here shows you what REGEN-Sediment and our food-grade dye product can do to your irrigation dam.