Harmful algae blooms, commonly known as HABs, are overgrowths of algae that are often found in stormwater ponds, retention basins, or community lakes. These sometimes toxic algal blooms are caused when the water resource becomes saturated with nitrogen and phosphorus from internal or external sources. Implementing algaecide treatment programs alone cannot prevent HABs and they often occur abruptly after years without any issues.

Preventing Harmful Algal Blooms

A proactive approach can reduce the impact of pollution and the chance of a HAB occurring while mitigating the risks associated with HABs.

  • Parklink’s probiotics and biocatalysts for ponds and lakes improves water quality and reduces excess nitrogen and phosphorus before they saturate the water resource. The all-natural products keep the water safe and clean. Find a Solution to your problem here.
  • Lake and pond aeration. Find out more here.

Harmful Algae Bloom Highlights

  • Can be toxic and lead to death or illness in humans, pets, marine mammals, and other wildlife
  • Can cause severe taste and odour issue in drinking water reservoirs
  • Can make water unsafe for recreational use (swimming, fishing, boating)
  • Can deplete oxygen levels and lead to fish dying