Our long-awaited kiwi summer temperatures bring a unique set of challenges for lake and pond owners throughout NZ. Diligent care and a good dose of common sense can go a long way towards keeping our water bodies in great condition. In this edition, we delve into the art of maintaining ponds through the summer months, featuring key elements such as nutrient loading, aeration, algaecides, dyes and biological additives.

1. Aeration: Let Your Pond Breathe

Ponds thrive when they receive proper aeration. Aeration promotes oxygen exchange and prevents the formation of stagnant areas. Installing a pond aerator not only infuses your water with life-giving oxygen but it also facilitates the breakdown of organic matter and cycling of nutrients which reduces the likelihood of severe algae blooms. Parklink offers a wide range of aeration solutions catering to all lake and pond sizes and depths. Click to learn more.

2. Nutrient loading

An overburden of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) can fuel unwanted algae and weed growth and this is only exacerbated during periods of warm weather. Take care to limit fertiliser use around your pond and try to prevent grass clippings, leaves and any other organic matter from entering the water.

3. Algaecides: Keeping the Green at Bay

The summer sun is a catalyst for algae growth, turning your pond into a green canvas. Parklink’s safe algaecide treatments target and eliminate algae, restoring the clarity and beauty of your pond. Choose from an environmentally friendly algaecide range that includes liquid or dry granular options as well as copper and non-copper based. Click to learn more.

4. Pond Dyes: A win-win solution!

Aside from instantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your pond, dye also limits sunlight penetration which slows the photosynthesis function of algae and weed. Parklink’s food-grade, environmentally-friendly water colourants, available in black and blue, are a popular choice with pond owners and can be paired with other additives to complete an effective preventative-maintenance treatment plan. Click to learn more.

5. Biological Additives: Harness the power of beneficial bacteria.

Never underestimate the power or size of a biological army. The trillions of beneficial bacteria and biological stimulants packed into Parklink’s additives are extremely efficient at breaking down organic debris and cycling out excess nutrients. Assisting and working with your pond’s existing biology, these powerful additives contribute to water clarity, nutrient balance, reduced sludge blanket and overall pond health. Click to learn more.

Remember, a well-maintained pond is not just a beautiful sight; it’s a sanctuary for aquatic life and a great place to meditate or unwind. Dive into the summer with Parklink, knowing that your pond is in the best possible care.

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