How to control algae in commercial lakes and fisheries

When you start to think about it, large expanses of water can be found in many different places:

  • stately homes
  • historical palaces
  • canal waterways
  • golf courses
  • sailing clubs
  • watersports lakes
  • fisheries
  • council maintained parks

They all pose the same challenge though and that is how to keep algae and submerged weeds under control so that the water continues to look clean and appealing.

Failure to do so can result in a mass of dull, murky, stagnant water instead of the beautiful, clear expanse you and your visitors might have been hoping to see.

How to meet the challenge of an algae and weed free lake

If your job is to manage a large area of water, you will be keen to eradicate such problems without harming any fish or other wildlife.

There are, fortunately, high-quality, commercial pond dyes available, like REGEN-Blue, which are non-toxic, safe, and easy to apply. These use food colours to provide a cost-effective method of controlling algae and submerged weeds, without affecting the health of any species residing in the water.

The dyes work by blocking out rays from the sun, in particular, the red end of the spectrum. They interrupt the photosynthesis process, in effect cutting off the ‘food’ source of submerged weeds and nutrients that would otherwise allow the algae to grow.

REGEN-Blue was the first of the range to be developed for use in large lakes. Since its launch, REGEN-Reflect, which gives a subtle twilight effect, has also been made available. In addition, a special dye, Special C, which combats Crassula Helmsii and Chara, is currently being trialed. The dyes come in two forms; powder sachets to treat large bodies of water and a liquid solution for smaller fisheries and large ponds.

As outlined in the article ‘Getting your pond ready for Summer’ it’s worth getting ahead of the game by putting the dyes in as early as possible to gain maximum benefit, before the submerged weeds or algae get established.

What benefits can you hope to see?

Owners and managers of fisheries, lakes, and large ponds have reported significant advantages of using the dyes.

The primary reason is, of course, to stop the water from getting choked with weeds and to control the growth of unsightly algae. An added benefit, however, is that the dyes hide and protect any fish from predators such as herons and cats.

They also give a rich depth and quality to the water. The various dye products create a beautiful contrast with plants and shrubs and are ideal for enhancing an ornamental display. If you need dye contact Parklink today.