Wastewater Pond System Optimisation:

Wastewater Pond System Optimisation:

For decades in NZ, wastewater ponds have provided cost-effective and low maintenance wastewater treatment for Councils and Industries.

Now, due to stricter effluent requirements, many wastewater pond owners are faced with the need to expand capacity, upgrade antiquated or underperforming equipment or even completely replace their pond system.

The costs associated with these upgrades or replacements can often be crippling for smaller towns.
Parklink believes in pond-based municipal wastewater treatment. We believe that with the implementation of appropriate modifications, upgrades and correct operation, these pond systems can be a cost-effective, sustainable method of municipal wastewater treatment.

Parklink’s aim is to utilise and leverage existing infrastructure with necessary upgrades to convert your simple pond system into a reliable and effective treatment plant.

For any optimisation or upgrades, a stepped approach for project implementation is used. This involves an action plan which consists of sequential incremental steps with each step being a standalone project. This transparent approach means the effectiveness of each step can be measured and accounted for before the next step is implemented minimising risk and complexity. Notably, in the course of implementation, the cumulative value gained from each step is not lost without the implementation of following steps.